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  1. It was a mystery to me as well. A little internetting returned that it is the monogram symbol for “IHS”:

    (above image from here)

  2. i thought this was rest in peace, dollar, or pieces (fifty cent?), or the dollar is dead, long live the dollar, or a dollar walks into a mausoleum, stop me if you’ve heard this one.

    the talking heads (not the band) have been talking about the demise of the dollar (not sand) for years now, and i thought her time ‘ad finally come.

    i thought warren buffett might be there at the funeral, playing something, i’m going to say irish, on his ukelele. (women crying…”i know you said the fed action would be inflationary, warren, but i never expected this! not so soon!”)

    god bless amer-i-ca…e pluribus unum

    …….just ain’t fare…makes no cents…he had so much more to give…and take…

    thank goodness we can still trade pokemon, baseball cards, and dutch tulips

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