Apple iTablet content request

I’ve heard a lot about rumored exclusive content for the rumored Apple tablet. You know what I’d pay for? Old comic books. No way do I have the money to buy these original comic books, but I’d pay something for a well scanned version delivered to a high-res color screen.

I just watched the Spiderman movies and was curious about Peter Parker’s job at the Daily Bugle. Was J Jonah Jameson always such a Spiderman hater? If not, when did that develop?

How much would I pay? If it were $9.99 I might buy one old comic. If it were $5.99 I might buy two or three. If it were $1.99 or even $2.99 I’d probably end up buying quite a few (e.g. more than 10).

It would be great to preview these comics where you could see full resolution cover and the first 4 or so pages — which is basically what you may read if you were buying a comic book at a comic book store.

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