Band Online Content Manager

The role of “band manager” is going to really change if people haven’t gotten on board with this already. “Band manager” is going to be maybe 50% “online content manager”. Look at this laundry list:

  • Friends. You need to collect friends on MySpace and Facebook and ReverbNation. You need to get people subscribed to your Twitter feed and to your personal website RSS/Atom.
  • Songs: Make a new song? Put it on your blog. Then upload it to MySpace and ReverbNation. Probably some music sites out there I don’t know about.
  • Shows: if you are going to have a show you need to set up an event on Facebook. Invite friends on Myspace. Send out twitter tweets. Post on your website. Post on rever nation. Send an alert to your email list. Don’t forget the custom emails and text messages to the people you want to make sure know about it.
  • After shows: During a show a ton of media is produced. There are photos, room recordings, board recordings, videos. Get a good mix of room and board recordings and augment any videos taken with that audio. Post the photos on your site, flickr, MySpace, Facebook. Post video on YouTube and/or Vimeo.

What am I missing?

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