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  1. dude, you spotted a luckdragon

    that’s seven years of bad luck

    might be wrong about that

    either seven years of bad luck, or all your wishes come true

    either that, or nothing happens

    i forget

    hang on tiight!



    this scene was shot in front of what’s known as a blue screen, and not on an actual luckdragon


    camel cigarettes were originally to be called luckdragons before the company settled on the less esoteric but equally phallic camel


    rj reynolds offered the studio six figures to make the luckdragon a flying chainsmoking camel; the studio told rj reynolds that the idea of a flying camel is “ridiculous” and “would never happen.”


    willy wonka offered to partner with the neverending story to showcase its everlasting gobstopper. the studio responded that the idea of an everlasting candy is “dumb” and “an insult to viewers.”


    clouds are not, as commonly believed, made of smoke. rather, they are formed when tiny droplets of water in the atmosphere are summoned by a sorceror and turned into cloudite, the fluffiest substance on earth.

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