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  1. When he’s not this dude, he’s the dude stealing something (from a fellow thief) and then getting it stolen back (The Score, The Italian Job). Another motif is playing a guy who is pretending to be a mental case (The Score, Primal Fear). Another motif is getting nominated for an Academy Award and losing (Primal fear, American History X). Another motif is despite having the first name Ed, never once appearing in an episode of Mr. Ed or in the movie EdTV, although to be fair to Mr. Norton, he did appear in Red Dragon and The Painted Veil.


    I do too many drugs. Do you do too many drugs, too?

    I need a date to the prom
    Would you like to come along?
    But nobody would go to the prom with me baayaby
    They didn’t like American music
    They never heard American music
    They didn’t know the music was in my soul bayaaby


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