Explain the Emerald Cockroach wasp, Charles Darwin

The emerald cockroach wasp or jewel wasp (Ampulex compressa) is a solitary wasp of the family Ampulicidae. It is known for its unusual reproductive behavior, which involves disabling a live cockroach and using it as a host for its larvae

A 2003 study[2] using radioactive labeling demonstrated that the wasp stings precisely into specific ganglia of the roach. It delivers an initial sting to a thoracic ganglion and injects venom to mildly and reversibly paralyze the front legs of the insect. This facilitates the second venomous sting at a carefully chosen spot in the roach’s head ganglia (brain), in the section that controls the escape reflex.

More of this craziness at Wikipedia

Proponents of evolution, I love you and Ima let you finish, but how the hell can such a specific sequence of precise events — results of which would be failures without proper precision and order — be the result of natural selection?

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  1. First off, consider the alternative to natural selection. Would something with intelligence create something that appears so random? Who thinks of these things?

    Also, although the steps are elaborate, it’s not likely that they were developed all at once. If the larvae can eat the cockroach, my guess is that so can the wasp, so the initial steps might have been fixed because they were good for food and basic survival. Like the first sting was better than no sting (easier to eat a cockroach that isn’t moving). The second step would be useful for storing that food for the future (keep it alive so it doen’t rot). Then the third step, lay the egg, doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch.

  2. A much tougher problem for evolutionazis is the sand worms of Arrakis. Please explain to me how a worm, 8 times longer than a blue whale, that poops LSD developed in this particular evolutionary niche. Like there was once a worm as big as a blue whale, but larger, slower worms that had to spend more of the day feeding were better at surviving? Surviving what? Scorpion bites? Patrick Stewart? Give me a break. GOD PUT THOSE WORMS THERE TO TEST MAUDIB, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. The Bible says it, and I believe it.

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