Gettin’ on the Highway

It’s been four days at Rho so far and I have yet to do any real work. Oh, I’m “working,” but right now it is the long process of getting me off the on-ramp and onto the motherfuckin highway!

In other news, Lance and Arica are moving away from North Carolina… possibly forever. Lance is finally putting that three years of law-schoolin’ to work as a corporate lawyer. Corporate law. I think he shied away from intellectual property law just so I wouldn’t constantly be bugging him.

They are moving this weekend, so my Saturday and Sunday are booked. I’m driving with them to Atlanta to help with the move-in and flying back Sunday night. With all of the extra airport security (thank-you-very-much dangerous liquids!) it’ll inconveniently cut into the time I’ll have to hang out at their new digs.

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