Harrison Bergeron Redux

I just re-read the Kurt Vonnegut short Harrison Bergeron and found that in my first reading, when I was twelve, I had overlooked that the couple watching TV were Harrison’s parents. KV mentions it more than once, so my pubescent mind must have been so regularly addled with lust that I could barely concentrate.

Funny the irony: the sex-thoughts pulsing in my brain had just the same effect as the disruptor bursts sent over the government channels to the headphones worn in the world of Harrison Bergeron. How funny that we are made to read that story at a time in our lives when we are similarly handicapped and therefore unable to fully appreciate the message least of all the similarities.

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  1. i was going to say something, but with all the sex thoughts pulsing through my brain, i can’t remember. note to self: possible downside to naked live-in harem.

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