I <3 NY

This city is amazingly easy to navigate; I’ve been in Manhattan since Sunday and I feel comfortable. It’s a comfortable city. It’s warm and secure like that hoody I bought seconds out of the subway in Chinatown. There’s a lot I enjoy about it apart from Carrboro, but there’s also a lot of good similarities. The walking for instance. I think the car-for-ever-person mentality of America is great for the oil and auto industry, but is killing the environment. I’ve considered moving here — this trip was a bit of a trial run to see if it is any sort of future possibility. I’ve had a good time, but I’m not ready to pack my bags yet. The worlds a big place, but not so big that I wouldn’t see a life drawing student. Everywhere I go: Someone has seen me naked.

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  1. You could just beat ’em all to the punch and take to a career much like that of Naked Cowboy in Times Square. In fact, a little business competition might do him some good.

  2. Hopefully none of them make a marble statue of you and then get famous.

    “Here I am, in a foreign country, safely tucked away from the dreaded hordes of life drawing students that pestered me in my past.”

    “I’ve always wanted to see the Louvre.”


  3. “Is that what I think it is, on the ceiling of this chapel?”

    “I’ve heard of spams that offer to supersize you, but this is ridiculous!”

  4. “Still…you know what? This right here…it’s 100%, pure class. Dat is nothing but class my friend. To a tee. Pure, unadulterated class. Yessir.”

    “And let me tell you something. I know class.”

    “Am I right, Bobby?”

    “I know I’m right.”

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