iPhone Ringtone

Here, I wrote a little ringtone for your iPhone. That has a nice sound, “ringtone for your iPhone ringtone for your iPhone.” I could say it all day.

It wasn’t announced, but I’ll bet the iPhone will let you use any mp3 or aac for your ringtone. Sure, the phone will cost $500, but with ringtones going at $2 a pop, it’ll pay for itself!

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  1. If, instead of buying 10 ringtones per day, I simply buy an iPhone, it will pay for itself within…let’s see…six months…no…two hours… Ah, whatever! It will be like printing money!

    iPhone, come to fiscally responsible daddy!

    Ringtone for My iPhone

    Ringtone for my iPhone
    You sing me to sleep at night
    I covet you in my dreams
    You wake me tenderly in the morning

    Ringtone for my iPhone
    I have waited for you so long
    You occupy my consciousness
    I love you more than life itself
    You are really, really cool
    And neat

    Ringtone for my iPhone
    Be mine alone



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