Is waiting a day in line for a product an extreme act of patience or impatience?

I didn’t do it. I didn’t get the new 3G iPhone. Now I had planned to and even a few days before I was actively talking about getting one. Then, last Thursday, the App Store was activated and that changed everything. App Store is the gateway you use from your iPhone to get new applications. Before last Thursday an iPhone could only have about 20 applications. Now you can get almost 600. That’s 30 times the functionality with the same phone. It made me think, do I really need these new features? Is it worth $200 up front and a phone bill with an extra $15 a month (now $75 for a base plan) for faster wireless internet and more precise GPS? Answer: not right now at least. Let me finish playing with these new applications and get back to me.

The new apps, by the way, essentially make your phone an instrument of magic. I can use it as a remote control for my iTunes. It can listen to whats on the radio and tell me the song playing. I can even sing to it and it will (even with my voice) do a pretty good job of guessing the song. I’m looking forward to what will come out over the next year.

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