iTunes adopts Taco Bell pricing: .69, .99, $1.29

I’m going to quickly address the game last night: What the hell? I mainly watched Mad Men episodes and occasionally flipped to the score. So long, ’05.

On to the real news: iTunes tiered pricing!

Jobs fought this for so long. I forget his reasoning but he hated the idea of different prices for different songs. Maybe Jobs wanted not to affect the way music executives did business, but the way musicians made albums. Maybe Jobs wanted less filler tracks; maybe he wanted artists to produce each song so that it would be worth it to put it on an album. I doubt this, but I do appreciate its affect. I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve noticed that there are many more albums now out there that are more EP than LP. I think gone are the day when you tried to push for the 80 minute long album. Sure that made sense when the best game out there were CDs; it made the CDs seem more valuable when there were more songs. But now filler tracks are obviously filler and why should I pay the same price for “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” as I am for “Wild Honey Pie”? C’mon, John Lennon!

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