I’ve Unsubscribed to Wired’s RSS

Wired, you were really interesting and useful for a long time, but things have changed in the last year or so. You’re on the back end of the wave.

I’m unsubscribing because this is the majority of Wired’s content and I find none of this useful:

  • Look at this pretty NASA photo
  • Try to find our reporter! (My god, who really cared about this?)
  • How-to wiki which has a promising title but no useful content
  • Look at this photo of a crazy animal!
  • This day in science. (After the invention of Wikipedia this is kind of redundant.)
  • Reader photo contest!
  • Seven-day-old tech news!

In the “How-to wiki”s defense, I subscrige to their RSS feed, so I see these articles when they first pop up and, as they are wikis, they are not going to be at their best at this stage. However, why don’t they just delay the publication of these wiki articles to their RSS until they have some useful content?

Occasionally Wired will come up with an interesting piece of investigative journalism but you know what? When that happens the other blogs I read notice it and put up a post about it.

About glass houses: I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re saying to yourself, “I think I’m going to unsubscribe to Brian’s blog.”

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