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  • One of Stereolabrat’s better posts
  • You know what? Personal fucking helicopter, that’s fucking what!
  • No one is safe with the bump key around! No one!
  • get one of them Gore-bulbs, man!
  • Wired talks about Nerdcore.
  • I’m already having difficulty sleeping.
  • Excellent post on splogs
  • Analysis of 20000 MySpace passwords
  • Awesome 2D to 3D drawing tool
  • New competition for Wikipedia – created by Wikipedia’s first editor-in-chief. Blast! The beauty of Wikipedia is that there is one of them – the whole internet can view, edit and contribut to one resource. This is one of the few instances where competition is not beneficial as it dillutes the overall effectiveness of the competing products.
  • Good article on click-fraud
  • This is one of those things I like to watch when I’m a little down and need a good mood-lifter.

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  1. Crazy alarmists think we’re going to create little black holes that will gobble up the world as we know it… Yeah right… We’ll destroy the world long before they finish the project. Stupid alarmists. You can go back to sleep now.

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