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  1. Leap and guide himself along the air currents? Yeah, whatever. Modern physics has only been in full swing since the 20th century. I’m sure you guys have ALL the insights into how Superman can propel himself. A friggin space probe flies by Saturn and scientists are all like, “We don’t understand how these rings hold together.” Who am I going to side with? A bunch of armchair smart alec poseurs, or Superman? That’s what I thought.

    And since when does a bronze (?) Donatello qualify as scintillating? (If it’s not bronze, I guess I got that one wrong on my art history test. Oh well.) And who doesn’t love mating turtles? But did they really deserve an invitation to that page? Glad though that Wikipedia is doing a great public service and showing guys a photo of how to masturbate. I think it was Curly (Jack Palance) in City Slickers who originally postulated that if more men were skilled with their hand(s), violence, murder, rape, and domestic violence would be all but phased out of society. However, if the human race dies out in a few generations, I’m holding Wikipedia accountable. Wikipedia, Mathew McConaughey, and George Bush. But keep in mind Mr. McConaughey is just the go-to guy I love to hate; what a tool.

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