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My new job is starting Monday. We’ll see if that increases or decreaes the frequency of my blog posts.

Pure fucking genius, that’s what this is.

An interesting read on fossilize embryos, but out of nowhere is this night-terror-inducing quote:
The images show that one fossil embryo known by the scientific name Markuelia must be most closely related to a modern group of marine invertebrates known as the penis worms, based on the number of teeth it has and the way they are arranged.
Think, if you could have gone back in time and killed this things parents then the penis worm may never have evolved! Also that bit about them dissolving tons of rock to get a few embryo fossils. That just smacks of something that fifty years from now palentologists will slap themselves on the head with regret.

Jack White’s new band’s website is kickin’ it oldschool

Has anyone else heard of the britney-spears-popping-out-a-baby sculpture? Why am I the last?

Bro Rape

The Uncanny Valley

Re: SBF – Why Is It Difficult!!!!! – w4m – 36 – m4w

Migrants troubled by lack of sex

Steve Jobs… his first day on the job looks to be his most difficult. Introduced by the most thunderous applause I’ve ever heard he is then shamelessly booed.

This will make you happy to be alive

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