ohmygod the “iPad” looks as clunky as its name

  1. No front facing camera, so no awesome video chatting with your sweetie.
  2. No multitasking.
  3. Big, ugly etch-a-sketch frame.

So much awkwardness. Small iPhone apps stuck right in the middle of the screen. The dock looks like it has the stability of a mid-game Jenga tower.

Phil Schiller says, “it’s going to change the way we do the things we do every day.” I’m sorry for yelling but, THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT THE SEGWAY. We’re not going to have to “rethink cities” so to speak. It’s not going to change shit. It’s the worst of both worlds, which is just what I was afraid of. It’s the clunkiness of a laptop with the tough typing of an iPhone. It won’t even be the best way to watch video (laptops will still take that prize ’cause you won’t have to hold them up the whole time).

The price looks good, though (and the stock market seemed to agree). I also bet there could be some real interesting 3rd party apps that take advantage of touch that just wouldn’t make sense on the iPhone (the “Brushes” painting app for one).

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  1. Also, the naming is downright irresponsible. Bostonians will be reduced to grunting and pointing at the electronics cabinet at Walmart.

  2. I must be checking email in my brain because I thought of that very thing right before I got your comment.

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