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  1. Very funny, Mr. iPhone macbook powermac. This blog post draws a painful parallel to Apple’s obsession with pointing out Windows’ (real and imagined) flaws. Not only that, but it was written by a different-thinker whose “clever commentary” amounts to “heh, what the dominoes say is funny because it’s true”.

    The joke here would have been funnier if any OS had ever tried to accomplish what Microsoft does — i.e., designing a consumer OS to run on myriad manufacturers’ hardware, including on machines operated by people who don’t care enough about computers to (or can’t afford to) pay Apple’s style premium — and done it better than MS. It’s not just that we’re making fun of Windows for stability problems that have been in check since Windows NT. The bigger picture is that we’re making fun of Windows for its failures in a league in which Apple has yet to play.

    Anyway, Google will probably render the whole non-argument moot in a few years. Then Microsoft can go down to Cupertino to take lessons on how to make ends meet on less than 10% of the OS market. Did you see what happened to Garmin’s stock price today after Google announced they were adding turn-by-turn directions as a free feature on its free cross-platform Google Maps app? We could have made some serious bank today if we’d undertaken some judicious short selling based on the rumors that started kicking around on Monday.

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