People shouldn’t be surprised by closed it’s doors for a few days and this caused all sorts of ballyhoo because (it seemed at the time) all those links would soon point to diddly squat. Daring Fireball says, “and people ask me why I wrote my own URL shortener for DF’s Twitter account.” Have you written your own Gmail, Facebook, Flickr, etc.? Please help me to see the difference between a url shortening service and any other thing on the web on which you have data.

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  1. I just noticed something about your header image. When I photoshopped out the power line stretching across the image — well first I didn’t do a good job, because you can still see part of the line on the right. But even worse, it didn’t even occur to me that heavy jpeg compression would do a much better job with the spots that had been hit with the heal brush than with the rest of the image. The result is pretty striking. Sorry about that.

  2. Actually, I’m responsible for that. I took that photo with the iPhone and, not having Photoshop at the time, tried to do my best with iPhoto.

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