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  1. whatever childhood trauma made christopher walken who he is today, i think we’re all grateful for the entertainment value

    the man is straight up buckwild insane clown posse dope nuts

    by the way i don’t know if you’ve heard but they’re redoing many of the scientific classifications to bring them up to date with modern research. the fern is now believed to be a very close relative of the pirhanna. apparently the pirhanna gradually climbed up out of the amazon and just started cold chilling.

    also, the going theory is that the dinosaurs were likely wiped out by a close relative of the dandelion.

    (it’s not the plants we should be worried about though. call me a party pooper but it’s the fun-guy — )

    speaking of which how many kingdoms are there now? by my count there should be plants, animals, fungi, chemosynthesizers, viruses, really really tiny weird things (?). i consider myself to be in a kingdom completely discrete from the rest of the world. so that’s, what, seven? oh, and minerals. and christopher walken. so that’s nine.

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