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  1. Yep, I found my way here trying to find out more about the devil landlord whose name I assumed was Shetrit Yadidi

  2. DRUBIDI: Win.


    But with a name like that, I’m not surprised he (the landlord) doesn’t have much of an internet presence.

  3. I came here looking for the same thing- What is a Shetrit yadidi
    I guess it his name,but if I ever start a bnd I would call it Shetrit yadidi or the Shetrit yadidi’s.

  4. I meant to say if I ever start a band I would call it I would call it Shetrit Yadidi or the Shetrit Yadidi’s or Shetrit and the Yadidi’s.

  5. I got goggled he as well. Yadidi means “You know what I’m saying” in the Urban Dictionary. No idea about Shetrit. I even checked Chetrit incase it was a typo. Probably a name.

  6. Urban Dictionary has ‘Yadidi’ as meaning: You know what I’m saying?

    There is no entry for ‘Shetrit’

  7. haha, i googled my way here as well.

    it’s a pity that shetrit yadidi is just a name. it sounds pretty mystical. to someone who is not african jew at least 🙂

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was curious enough to stumble upon this blog. Genius win for Brian Risk!

  9. Shetrit Yadidi is the new Kaiser Soze. A mysterious phantom of a man, who we will never know. I did like the Hairy Sided Tit anagram though.

  10. this S.Y. question is popping up everywhere. The new Kaiser Soze – ha ha!!! That’s great. Love the idea of the band “the Shetrit Yadidi’s” tho. This is gonna be my new catch-all cuss.

  11. I cam here for the answer as well
    All I can say is that it is a distinctly Israeli Jewish name, I was wondering who this Shetrit fellow is but I guess ill never know

  12. Shetrit and the Yadidis are better… 😉 Something I would definitely listen to…

    I have to google Kaiser Soze too now. Just remember there is a district (or at least a road) in damascus called Kaiser Soze. Hmmmmmmmm!


    (yeah, I found my way here thru Google as well)

  14. I am so happy to see that I am not the only one trying to figure out what it means. Ended up here from google too.

    It sounds like a curse.

  15. Same same, guys. Congrats, Brian, on having your site at the very top of Google’s search results for “shetrit yadidi.”

    I think this is how memes start. The minute I see a character on Family Guy named Shetrit Yadidi, I will know for sure.

  16. Kyle: “The minute I see a character on Family Guy named Shetrit Yadidi, I will know for sure.”

    Good one.

    Awaiting the new series of FG….

    PS I came here on ‘googling’ the words too. Still the top hit on Google.

  17. Shet in the sumerian language means supremely dark like a color and trit mean treat.

    Ya means I di like di Like…


    Makes no sense at all in true reality. yes………

  18. @ralph and @supertranslatorguy (same person? your replies are exactly the same, to the character). No it doesn’t mean “no worries”, unless you can prove what language… So stop perpetuating this myth. I’m going for the weird name theory.

  19. I win. It’s two landlords. See my link: “the landlords Isaac Chetrit and Ray Yadidi”. So the S instead of the C is merely a typo.

  20. Didn’t anyone Yahoo their way here?… Thank you Duncan Hill for solving the mystery. I still can’t get the image of a hairy sided tit out of my mind, though.

  21. My uderstanding is a little bite odd.4 to me yadidi is a sacrid saying with differant meaning leading to the tru reality of the person or persons behind such a person. A crowd perhaps.wherby we have The Trinity, YHWH, Y’sha,all in one soul “God of ALL god’s… To be continued…

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