Some kid didn’t have a stamp on so I took him up front to see if anyone remembered him. He kept insisting that someone with a beard sold him his ticket. Was it Kevin? No. Was it Ben? Well then it must have been Derek. No, not him. He was pretty convincing with all of his “I ain’t tryin’ to pay another $15.” I mean, he stuck to his guns even when there were for dudes surrounding him. Derek let him in for $10. This kid comes back to the bar with the I’m-under-twenty-one stamps wanting to buy a beer. ‘m all d00d can i see ur license? At first glance it was legit, but since this kid was such a huge dick I wanted a closer look. Sure enough he had scratched up the terminal digit in the birth-year to make it look like he was born in 1983. I keep his ID and he throws a tantrum.

“This is bullshit! I’m going to be 24 in a few days!”

Cameron, God bless her, chimes in, “Actually, according to what it says on your license, you’re going to be 23 in a few days.” She had him. It made my night.

Later Cameron says that two big guys were looking for Antonio. Kinda threatening looking.

“Where’s Antonio?”

“He’s in the back”

“Well bring him up front.”

“Uhhh… you can just go around back.”

That’s how she said the conversation went. That, to me, did not sound good. I said to Cameron and Steph, “if I have to go out that back door, I’m bring the crow-bar with me, and I want for you to call the cops immediately!”

No one ever came. It seems the best way to thwart a few toughs is to make them walk a few hundred feet out of their way.

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