Time Capsule/ Airport: Change location, change IP

News number one: I just moved to Hillsborough.

News number two: Getting Time Capsule / airport to work again has been way harder than you would expect with the typical plug.play Apple usually brings. Tell me if this situation sounds like you: you’ve just changed locations, you have internet at the new spot and you know this but your airport/time capsule are not working like they once did (a lot of flashing amber lights and whatnot). You’re probably reading this because you just plugged your computer straight into the modem to find out how to cure the damn thing… (That was the most frustrating part for me–all of the plugging and unplugging.)

Sparing you the boring details of all that went wrong with my own situation, here’s how I finally fixed it.

  1. Connect via ethernet cable the modem (the thing the your internet provider gives you) to the WAN port of your Time Capsule.
  2. Unplug the modem and then plug it back in waiting about a minute for the thing to fully reboot (don’t even look at the lights, just wait a minute).
  3. Perform a factory default reset on your Time Capsule / Airport. This is done by unplugging the time capsule / airport. Holding in that little button in the back with a pen-tip. Plugging in the time capsule while still holding in the button and waiting for it to start quickly flashing amber. You can release that damn button now.
  4. Open Airport Utility app and run through the set up. That should do it.

You may not need to do the factory reset part. The real trick may be unplugging your modem and letting it reboot before you get things going with your time capsule.

Sorry to my normal readers for the kinda techie post. You all are coming to my music show on the 9th, right?

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