Will People Please Stop Having Sex With Assholes?

First, this moment of clarity: I mean the human embodiment of an asshole. AKA pricks, douche-nozzles, fuck-tards and the like. What I don’t mean are anuses. Lube up and do all the buttholes you want. I mean really, go to town. Just please, put a moratorium on hooking up with these cankle fuckers because you’re encouraging their bad behavior.

Last night I had to come down on a guy and tell him that girlfriend-choking is not something we are really cool with at the Cat’s Cradle. All the while I’m thinking, why the fuck is she even with this guy? It’s no surprise she was plastered – anyone would have to be to negotiate any sort of relationship with sucha chode.

update: I forgot to mention this was the Citizen Cope and that show, for a few reasons makes me want to make a litany of “fuck you’s”. I’ve got to find some place to get rid of all this anger.

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  1. I have another suggestion for women: learn how to dee-rive, beyotches!

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