Zach Galifianakis Was Kind of Funny but Not as Much as I Had Hoped He Would Be

After Zach Galifianakis it was not even midnight and the evening was beautiful–A cool, but oddly-warm-for-Fall night. The kind of night that I felt would taunt me if I didn’t get some sort of exercise in it. I had been decimated from the night before when the North Mississippi All Stars played up my ass for five hours, but the invigorating factor of the weather brought me back with renewed energy. I ended up doing three quick miles out at the UNC track with Mer in tow.

I’m looking forward to the beach weekend.

A co-worker just stuck her head in my cube and whispers, “I just got a new car!”
“I just cleared up my gonorrhea!” I return. “We can both celebrate!”

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  1. According to my psychology textbook, the urge to buy a new car correlates very closely to insecurity derived from a bad case of gonorrhea.

    Cleared-up gonorrhea is the gift that keeps on giving. Until you get it again. Then you have a new and different, but no less special, gift that keeps on giving.

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