Bug squashed

I figured out the bug that was plaguing me for the past two weeks. It’s a bit nerve-wracking. You hope that you will figure it out, but there is the chance you never will. I was a bit paranoid about this when I visited Arica and Lance last weekend, but this week I just sat down and tried to take comfort in the fact that somehow progress was being made though no visible, notable progress was happening. Then –Ah!– I figured out the problem. It makes me appreciate chemists. When I have a theory as to why something isn’t working I just have to wait through a two minute build time. Each new route they try probably takes anywhere from an hour to a month to see through.

No I can enjoy the St8 Fair without any clouds.

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  1. When you don’t know if you’ll ever solve a problem, well, I reckon that’s where faith comes in handy. Faith in yerself, faith in god, faith in tomorrow. I knew you’d figure it out! You so smat! I wish I were going to the fair 🙁

  2. Nice smiley. Or frowney. Didn’t know we could make these. 🙂 Glad you squashed the bug. I credit the reassurance I provided you on the phone the other day. Really I think this was more my victory than yours, but what the hell — I’ll let you enjoy it anyway cause I’m a nice guy. Regardless, I just watched Traffic and I liken this battle you’re fighting to the War on Drugs. Do you think we will ever really win the War on Bugs, and if not, why even bother? This was an empty victory. It’s as pointless as trying to get the Soviets to give up communism. Might as well try to win the War on Buffaloes. Like they will ever just pack up and leave the Range.


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