Dude, Where’s My McGuffin?

A brief list of movies which feature McGuffins in their titles where said McGuffins are replaced with “McGuffin”:

Lord of the McGuffins
Raiders of the Lost McGuffin
The Maltese McGuffin
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s McGuffin
Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy McGuffin
Too Wong Foo Thanks for the McGuffin, McGuffin
McGuffin McGuffin McGuffin McGuffin (Eat Drink Man Woman)

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  1. i have a feeling this is an idea whose time has come, even though sadly, i have no idea what you’re talking about

    i took mcguffin 101 but i took it pass/fail. i was pretty sure though that it was a class about an endangered bird.

    i just looked it up on wikipedia. i’m pretty sure my life is one nonstop sequence of mcguffins…

    (then i learn details about the mcguffin, causing it to cease to be a mcguffin, lose interest, and start the restless search for another mcguffin. when a person runs out of mcguffins he becomes known as “jaded” or “grumpy old man.” although in dick cheney’s case he manages all at once.)

    the buddhists would probably say that the ultimate mcguffin is to not require a mcguffin.

    but that would probably tank at the box office.

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