Felix Obelix website

Last night was the online marketing forum at the Local 506 and I (unfortunately?) got there for the second half–the Q&A. “Hi, I have a band from Raleigh called ‘Master Codpiece’ and we appeal to no one. Is there a way I can use the internet to help expand our fanbase?” Except the questions were even more inane.

So then, a few drinks later and back at home, I realize that my friend Wendy’s band, Felix Obelix, has no website! She’s one of the most market-strategy minded people I know, so I knew something must be wrong. It must be some sort of weird experience she had with a domain name server that is making her gunshy to register her own dot com. Rather than waiting for the therapy to take effect I decide to register the name and make the website for her. Here’s the result:

Felix Obelix: Melodrama Pop in 7/8!

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