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  1. The Galapagos is like the opposite of New York City and shit. If you can make it there, you definitely CANNOT necessarily make it anywhere. Dude, nice camouflage with your fucking toes. The Galapagos is like the Special Ed class of natural selection. It makes Australia look like a super competitive ecosystem. What a bunch of lamo creatures. Talk about being the big fish in the small pond. Let’s see how you pygmy buck-toothed pink breasted walrus gophers would do in Asia or the Americas, beeyotch!

    Yeah, I don’t see any of you punk ass bitches stepping up to the plate. That’s what I thought. You hear those seals and prairie dogs laughing? They’re laughing at your lame ass backward asses, you dumb pathetic barely evolved mutant inbred sons of bitches!

    Dumbass genetically retarded stupid ass lame motherfuckers!


    Yeah, I thought your dumb asses needed legal protection. It’s the only way your sorry asses will make it to the next millennium, DNA challenged pathetic little stupid ass backward twerp ass dweebs.

  2. me: I know someone who went to the Galapagos.
    you: Yo mama went to the Galapagos!
    me: Actually, yes.
    you: Oh.
    me: Yo mama’s a fat, retarded hooker on welfare!
    you: Actually, yes.
    me: Oh.
    you: These talks mean a lot. We should do them more often. I feel like we are really connecting.
    me: Right now yo mama’s connecting with a one-legged homeless guy for bad crack.
    you: Could be.
    me: I love you bro. If you ever need anything…
    you: This is really special…
    me: By the way, I lost your mom’s number. Can you give to me again?
    you: It’s 555-WE-ARE-18
    me: That’s too many numbers, and your mom’s not 18.
    you: Oh.
    me: Do you think this dialog has gone on way too long?
    you: Yup.
    me: So how I do I wrap it up?
    you: I have no idea.
    me: How about I jus

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