Google Selling Domain Names

Google, in an effort to more fully own my balls, is now selling domain names at very competitive prices. Full deets here.

I like that private registration is included along with Google apps. I don’t have immediate ideas, but I could see the Google apps being handy for some applications.

I just bought a domain through them to kick the Google wheels. I found out about the domain selling from a link in my Gmail. After years of Gmail usage and me not clicking on ads, Google is finally making some money from me.

The buying process was fairly painless and had significantly less hot girls than GoDaddy’s site. This is good as I sometimes buy domains when at work (you never know when a good name will hit your brain), and the GoDaddy site borders on softcore porn.

Here’s what I’m really hoping: that Google will come up with a good domain manager. I’ve poked around, and I don’t see one yet, but I hope one is right around the corner. Changing DNS settings or ICANN info is such a fucking hassle with every other domain registrar (and I’ve tried Networksolutions,, eNom and GoDaddy). Plus the other sites are packed with eye-blistering ads. I sincerely hope Google brings some sanity to the user experience.

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