I simply CANNOT switch to Safari

With the new Safari browser out I’ve been trying. I really have. Safari or Firefox, what’s the difference right? Logic would have that Safari should be better. It’s made specifically for the Mac / Apple operating systems, so it’s totally faster, right? Right. It is. It is much faster for page loading and web applications. What’s the big deal then?

It just doesn’t work like how I want to. Maybe a list would be good here.

  • It’s tough switching browsers because you become accustomed to all of the stored passwords.
  • When I click on an RSS link Firefox does just what I want: asks if I want to put it into my Google Reader. Safari makes me use the Safari RSS reader. I hear there’s a was around it but it involves downloading something and blah blah blah.
  • The final straw was when Safari renamed the files I was trying to download from my iPhone. The files have very useful timestamp information in the name and, for some reason, Safari stripped out that timestamp. Not cool.

I may try Safari again at some point. A feature I really, really liked was the history browser which had thumbnails of pages you’ve visited. That’s very handy.

That’s not many reasons. Does anyone else have a sticking with Firefox reason?

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  1. I’ve been using Google Chrome almost exclusively for many months now. I tried it out of curiosity when it first came out, got all excited about it, wrote a blog post about it, then went back to using Firefox. What brought me back to Chrome, despite the fact that it still only offers a handful of extensions that only work most of the time, is speed. The browser as software is snappy as all hell. On my badass home computer, it chews through javascript-heavy sites like Gmail like they were local apps, and on my shitty work computer it seems to demand less of my precious resources than Firefox.

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