I’m no snob.  I’m no elitist.  Still, I just launched phase 1 of a dating site for people with above-average intelligence.  As I mention on the site, there is a correlation between the IQs of married couples.  Plus, from my own personal experience, I know that I have to be able to relate to someone to really like them and intelligence is a factor in that.

Phase 1, by the way is the test.  The intelligence test is up for people to take.  Once enough people take the test, we will invite all those that qualify to join the site.

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  1. Your test sucks. What the hell does being able to recognize an outline of France have to do with intelligence?

    An IQ test should be based on intelligence, not a randomly-selected grab bag of knowledge.

    However, I will say that a dating site where (actually) intelligent people can find each other is a great idea, though it has been done before and failed on multiple occasions. So I hope it finds some success.

  2. The Coneheads come from France. Are you saying the Coneheads are not intelligent? With all due respect, sir, your symbolic reasoning leaves much to be desired.

    Anyway, no IQ tests actually measure intelligence. Many of them measure how closely your thinking parallels that of a group of snobby (usually white either American or European) psychologists. If you want to rename all IQ tests RSGBKQ tests (Randomly Selected Grab Bag of Knowledge Quotient tests), then so be it, Dr. Smarty!

    p.s. And the horse (or ship) you rode (or sailed) in on!

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