Key to Success

I think a key to success is doing things once you find you have to do them. Get a bill in the mail? Pay it right then. Do dishes right after the meal. Send Christmas cards right after Christmas. Fix bugs in programs once they crop up. Do your taxes the first week of January. Any other examples, blog commenters?

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  1. you probably can’t do your taxes in the first week of January — often, you won’t get all the income statement forms in the mail until March, so you’re pretty much doomed to failure. The other things sound good, though!

    (Interesting coincidence: today is the end of the six-month extension period, so if you’ve _really_ been putting it off, well, it’s too late.)

  2. Um, I think you are supposed to send xmas cards BEFORE xmas, not after. Right?

    See, thats the whole idea behind pissing someone off and immediately saying “don’t be mad”!

  3. I think success is about properly prioritizing one’s tasks. For instance, a CEO or a president isn’t going to clean up the milk off the floor when it spills. He’ll snap his fingers and get some other chump to do it. I think success is about doing as few of these annoying tasks as possible, and finding clever ways to con others to do them for you.

    Also, sending X-mas cards in May and telling the IRS to fuck off are also good choices.

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