Let’s replace folders with categories

Modern computer files systems are not the best. A document can only go in one folder. A folder can only go in one folder. What if I make a graphic for my iphone applications? It’d be great to have an iphone development folder and a graphics folder that it can go into for both. That could work if the “folder” notion were replaced with “categories”. Then, when I want to see all the graphics I’ve been working on recently, I can open the graphics category. If I want to see all iphone graphics, I select both the “graphics” and the “iphone” categories. I can put “iphone” in the “development” category as well. Then, if I want to see all the graphics I’ve made for every application I’ve written, I select “graphics” and “development”. Even though I only selected “iphone” as a category for this graphic, the system should know that “iphone” is in the “development” category.

Now, let’s say you don’t remember exactly which categories your file belongs to. Just start picking all the categories that make sense. The system will return the closest matches. You can even potentially select a wrong category when searching and still find the files you’re looking for.

Rather than having a desktop with one “My Documents” folder, you’re presented with a category cloud. Isn’t this a better way of doing things?

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  1. if you want to find a wormhole back to 2005, ha ha ha snort. nanogories are the wave of the future. you take a syringe and inject the nanobots into your brain and they run roughshod through your neurons. they instantly understand how you categorize all your important thoughts and vie-ola, the central microsoft superbrain collects the data and then places five hundred unrelated folders on your desktop all randomly named. that is the superior solution, but i would not expect a mere mortal to understand this.

  2. I disagree! I HATE how gmail has “categories” instead of folders. I like dragging and dropping the f*cker into a folder- it works with my brain better.

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