Link Thundercats!

My blogging has been spotty. I can’t tell if things are boring and therefore nothing to report of if I have a skewed perspective on what’s entertaining. In the meantime, some links for your ass:

  • Average faces
  • Photos:

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    1. 1. u pandas is so cra-zee
      2. can’t we split the spelling bees into two groups. it’s a little hard on us regular folk now that autism rates have skyrocketed.
      3. oh yeah!
      4. oh yeah!
      5. kraft foods to expand the lineup of kool-aids. new additions to be market tested in select cities include kool-sars, kool-herpes, and kool-west-nile-virus. no word yet from the company on when the drinks could be rolled out nationwide.
      6. oh yeah!

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