Lottery Supports, Mocks Education System

As an occasional treat to myself, I get a large, 23 oz. coke at the gas station caddy-corner to my house. This treat is more often than not turned into a depressingly eye-opening event as I am presented with a sample of the population that actually purchases lottery tickets ahead of me in line. I used to be in the pro-lottery camp; it seemed like I great deal for education funding. I pictured secretaries buying them as gag gifts for their bosses, or middle class moms buying them with a knowledge that supporting state education is far more enticing than the slim prospect of winning. I had heard the lottery jokingly referred to as “a tax on people bad at math.” What the lottery really is is a tax on people whom our education system has missed. Who are these people? Low-income families. “Don’t spend your money on this!” I want to scream. “You should be saving up for the health care you won’t be provided!”

Further, I didn’t know the kind of lotteries that would be offered. The things people are buying (at least at my convenience store) are those scratch-off cards where I think there is a better chance you’ll win. Those cards are more devious as it is not one-in-a-million style odds – which even the unemployed could probably guess is a bad idea.

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  1. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) at where the money goes. One of the families I work with (youth group type of program) has six kids, a itty bitty little house with crummy furniture, a perpetual pile of garbage on the kitchen floor, the grossest fish tank I’ve ever seen, and a gi-freakin’-normous television, with stereo speakers and dvd, etc etc etc. It’s pretty sick.

  2. I just won 57 million dollars!!! Woo hoo! This rocks.

    This will help to offset the 22 million I just lost on a shoddy real estate deal (which really sucked BTW).

    True, there are more important things than money, especially when you are a member of the Saudi royal family…but still pretty cool that my brother bought this for me as a joke.

    I think I will treat myself to a couple of new race horses. Triple Crown or bust!

    Also, funny how this blog keeps coming up as my homepage. (inside joke) Did buy MSN? Things that make you go hmmm… (/inside joke)

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