Microsoft has this experimental software that takes a sung melody and gives it a fucking awesome, synth-piano backing.

Is there something out there that can maybe do the reverse? You know, like we could give it music then it would make this awesome 1980’s sounding synth voice singing computer-made lyrics? Could that program also do the pelvic thrusts required for a successful stage performance?

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  1. I’ve been to this website and I watched the video. That was about an hour ago. It is absolutely terrifyingly horrid. I want to believe that it’s a joke, but I don’t. Are we not supposed to notice that all the songs sound the same? Or that the one song that was recognizable (to me, at least) as a commercial tune was incorrectly interpreted by the software? (Wouldn’t you want to use an example where the software got it right in your video? Were there none?)

    It is software that helps people who suck suck harder.

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