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The iPhone… she is good for many things, but no so good for the vanity shot. What is nearly impossible is when you try that thing where you hold the camera away from you then point it back at you and take a photo — because there’s no real “button” to push to take the photo, so you can’t really tell if it has been taken or not. Plus I’m finding it difficult to really tell where that little camera eye is pointing.


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  1. what’s lololol? loads of lots of laughing out loud? laura or larry or lonnie or laticia? i find that self-photographed pics often tend to make a person look like a creepy, twisted, unpopular, antisocial misanthrope…kind of like a magical time machine back to the teenage years. although to make this a proper public service announcement, i should add that one very notable exception is a woman with her clothes off. one neat trick though is just to pretend to be a woman with her clothes off. it really adds a lot of sassiness and verve. look at me, i am bold, and sexy, and bold! and sexy! lolololol. another issue is lighting. the brighter the photo, the more exciting. the ideal photo would be to hold a metal rod and attach a trigger mechanism to the camera so that when the lightning hits, the flash goes off. that’s not just for the lighting, but also for the sassiness and verve it adds. you may not really be making-love-to-the-camera but that’s what it looks like. another thing that enhances a self-portrait is a doctored crowd of about 10,000 fervent followers, like the nazis did. so to sum up, i can’t get behind these. add a dada mustache or at least a fro or sombrero for god’s sake, and call me in the morning. just embarrassing. my day is worse for having viewed these atrocities. i may have a permanent mental scar.

  2. Bored out of my mind and surfing endlessly for some shimmer of intelligent life, it suddenly hit me– I should visit Brian’s blog, I haven’t read his blog since June, maybe even May. So, I do. Scrolling down past all the superfluous links and words, searching for something flashy, I suddenly see a dazed/befuddled pic of you with a toothbrush hanging out of you mouth. WTH? (Note: I don’t “curse”– no F bomb, rather a muted H) Bet you can’t do that with my Sonicare! Anyway, glad to see you have something to occupy your time. iPhones impy goodness– your pics, not so much. I agree with that guy, they are creepy.

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