New Job

I just accepted a Java developer position at Rho.

For anyone a new job is big news, but if you know me, that’s really big news. For the past five years I have been running Geneffects, my software company. For the past four years I’ve been working at the Cat’s Cradle. I’ve come to enjoy doing whatever I want during the day then do essentially mindless work in the evenings.

But something was missing. Something other than money. I want to be part of something bigger than myself, a part of a project that is not as transient as beer is to the urinal.

When I interviewed at Rho I felt I really connected with the team there. That’s what I want. I want the mental stimulation that can only come from being driven by your co-workers and being thrust into projects you wouldn’t normally do on your own. I expect to learn new things.

Sure, I’m not looking forward to being part of the alarm-clock crowd, but that’s what coffee is for. Plus material possessions and the security of embarking on a good career make that a small sacrifice.

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