Red Shoe Diaries: Talking Dog?

Hulu is now serving up the early 90’s erotica drama Red Shoe Diaries. I remember this as being quite scintillating before the era of the WWW. To see how reality lives up to my memories, I watched the episode titled “Auto Erotica”. In it a woman who is about to marry a nice, safe man is pushed by a mystery man into speed games with their very fancy sports cars. They then do it.

How did this stack up to my memory? Perhaps a bit of a let down. Not only is the phrase “was he real or did I make him up” repeated consecutively maybe 20 times but then episode is totally rescued by this completely WTF moment at the end of the show where David Duchovny is walking alone with his dog, Stella, reading the letter from this woman describing her affair. He starts talking to Stella and then, magically, it sounds like Stella responds.

David Duchovny: “What a question, hunh, Stella? I’d say that was a once in a lifetime experience.”

Stella???: “And what about the wedding? Was that real, or did she make that up to?”

David Duchovny: “I… don’t know”

The camera is no longer on the two of them, so it’s not like you see a talking dog, but, again, there is no one else around but the two of them. Here is a link to the clip of the dialogue in question.

Was the talking dog real, or did I make him up?

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  1. lol – that’s just DD all the way through. The recording quality changes a bit when they cut to the shot of the lovers by the sports car, but that’s all DD asking himself rhetorical questions and shrugging them off. I understand your confusion, though – I have little episodes like this and weird little shit that sticks with me all the time. I know you want to believe, Brian, but there’s no supernatural explanation needed for this one, IMHO.

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