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  1. contrary to what this blog entry implies, this photo is not self-explanatory. someone lives in a giant mansion and has devoted a room each to popular boardgames? it’s “risk night” at the o.k. corral? this is a shot from the mattel museum? don’t tell me. it’s a youtube stop animation video. (in the grand finale, the battleship remote explodes.) are those bunk bends in the background? ok, so this is camp risk, where kids can hone their risk skills while eating bad food and making fleeting, superficial social connections and obeying the beck and call of power tripping counselors who will soon graduate to, “do you know how fast you were going back there?” i see what looks like encyclopaeaeaeadia (sp?) britannica in the background. so this is likely a painstaking historical recreation of some historical time period. i’m thinking a fractured, warring italy prior to its unification. or possibly cary, north carolina, circa 2005. is that even what risk looks like? are you sure this isn’t that battleship game, or stratego, or chutes and ladders? what do those gray upstanding plastic dildos have to do with world domination? (i mean, in a modern, metrosexual world where “men” are hounded into pretending they like sex and the city. and you know who you are.)

  2. for some reason the u.s.s. infrared remote control reminds me of this cool thing —

    i have no idea why. but personal submarines / helicopters / spaceships always win big points.

    as do battleships that can turn off insipid summer reality tv.

    this sub never accomplished a mission. but it did make the british paranoid.

    “the turtle” is to the british as saddam’s “weapon’s program” is to _________.

    hsub w. egroeg :a

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