Rosh Hashana

I’m excited about attending temple with Mer for the Rosh Hashana service. I’m especially enthused for what I can only imagine will be a veritable smorgasbord of gefilte fish—a delicacy which shares the ranks of haggis and chitlins as Fear-Factor-worthy fodder. Ah, gefilte fish… It tastes fine, but wins hands down in terms of scariest looking food ever. If you have not seen it in the ethnic food section of your local grocery mart, imagine an albino hobo taking several bleached shits in a mason jar filled with cloudy urin. Very choice.

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  1. ha! that’s actually a really good description of it.

    hey, you should play the “gentile jew” game after temple. you try to see how many yiddish phrases you can squeeze into a conversation until someone calls your bluff.

  2. I agree, great description of gefilte fish. While I’m no super jew or anything, I’ve never heard of people eating gefilte fish on RH. Apples and honey on Rosh Hashana, yes- gefilte fish not so much. But hey, we Mississippi bred Jews generally go for baked ham on Passover so what the hell do I know.

  3. Yeah, GF is more of a passover thing. Maybe that’s because choking down oval fish balls would be a bad way to start the new year. Instead: honeyed everything!

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