The Da Vinci Coast

Leonardo Da Vinci sketch now visible from outer space!

(click to enlarge)

Above: the shocking similarity between a satellite image of a section of the North Carolina Outer Banks (NCOBX) and a sketch done by Leonardo da Vinci. (Contrast on satellite image tweaked to better display image).

I think the first thing everyone does with Google Earth is to see if they can see their house. It’s sure as hell what I did. Then I explored my state, North Carolina, only to fince – BWAAAH! – a face pattern formed by silt entering the ocean of the Outer Banks. “Wait a minute,” I think, “I’ve seen that before!” A quick Google Image search revealed that yes-in-fucking-deed I had seen it before! Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t drawing old men profiles at all! He was clandestinely mapping the coast of North Carolina! He wanted our Tobacco!

Here is a link to the satellite image on Google Maps (or, if you prefer, the Google Earth KML file) and here is the original sketch.

Creepy, hunh? Better than the face on Mars, at least.

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  1. maybe that’s where the body of mary magdalene and jesus jr. is buried too! ol’ leo is a genious leaving behind all these clues!
    shit dude…let’s go check it out!

  2. pretty kewl d00d how my legitimate comment was “flagged as spam” on your killer inter-web-link-site-page…. booooooo. just passing it on, cheers.

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