The Memresistor

Wired has a piece on a newly created electrical component: The memresistor. Originally conjectured in the 70’s, HP has finally created one and this component will join the transistor, the capacitor and the resistor as a basic component of electronics. As the memresistor remembers how much charge has gone through it, it can be used for fuzzy computing applications that require more than 1/0, on/off binary. My knowledge of physics is not highly advanced, but it seems this will provide a revolution in computing… this would be perfect for neural nets which heavily use summations.

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  1. Com este novo dispositivo será realmente possivel manter a mesma informação inicial ou em processo, eu pergunto, pois ai sim poderemos ter uma veradeira mudança de caminhos.
    Como podemos obter mais informações a respeito deste produto?

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