The Monty Hall Problem – Goats for all!

Let me take you to a glittering tv set complete with studio audience, gameshow host and three glittering doors.  Behind one door is that newest sports car you’ve had your little eye on.  The other two have goats and your are allergic to goats.  You want that car.  You are told by the hypermelanic host that you can choose any of the three doors.  Since you yourself are #1 you choose door #1.  The host – that clever needle-toothed imp – knows where the goats are.  It is now his job to open one of the other doors which has a goat.  He opens door #3 and tries to stand in a way that he thinks looks cool but in reality is really freaking you out.  You now have to option to change your guess.  Is it advantageous to flip to door number #2 or is #1 better or does it not matter?  Want the answer check out the Wikipedia entry on this type of problem!

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