The New Year

I’m used to working through New Year’s–I’ve done it the past five years. It’s a situation that’s fine with me as New Year’s tends to rank #1 as most depressing holiday. It’s hard not to be. Every year you set goals for yourself and each New Year’s you look back and think, “well, maybe next year.” Then the bad things that did happen bubble to the top. How many more fools will you have to suffer? How many more people will you have to sleep with? How many promises will you break?

This year though, I had some nice high marks –a year with M, It’s Carrboro, Rho, WikiSummaires— and I felt a little like celebrating. No, it was not for me. I was in Raleigh disassembling the truss for First Night’s disco stage while a foot-ball field away sloppy, new-money rednecks bleated battered lyrics for “Auld Lang Syne.” The sound of everything being so far away–echoing through the city’s corridor–it got to me. I had endured several days of sleep deprivation and significant blood loss for what? For these people? For their good time? For money I don’t need? For another scar on my hand?

’05 was more about good-times than real progress. ’06 has put down some good tracks and I’m interested to see where they will take me.

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