The Queers

The evening began with two flat tires (one was the spare). I just make it from the auto shop to the Cradle on time only to find the show is delayed an hour. The night before was over an hour late, so this is an improvement.

Minutes after the doors open there’s a fight out front. David overheard people talking about it; it sounds like the story is some guy was going to give a beggar some money when another guy comes up yelling, “don’t do that, man! He’s just going to spend it on crack!” (Though I’ve been accused of hating the homeless, I assure you this wasn’t me.) The aspiring benefactor and the unwelcome interjector come to nose-breaking blows.

I take a break from bartending just in time to break up a fight. One of the dudes ends up staying and, drunk as ever, is being a total douche. I ask one of the blond girls he is harassing if she wants me to do something about him, but no, she doesn’t. (Perhaps she thought I was an over-enthusiastic oi-boi.) This act must have sparked something as the pair found reasons to be around me the rest of the night. Totally flattering until Kevin says at the end of the night, “oh man, did you see those two blond girls? They were hitting on me all night!”

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