The trip begins

The trip, despite being about 18 hours of travel, went well. The view from the north-facing passenger window on my trans-Atlantic flight was breath taking. Cities looked like intricate jeweled clusters; if they had been art I would have felt the designs were works of genius. Three hours into the flight I noticed the Aurora Borealis… I had never before seen the Northern Lights. Simply amazing.

I tried to get a little sleep and once I started dozing, a girl grabbed my face. Why she grabbed my face, I don’t think I’ll ever know. Maybe she thought I was someone else. Maybe she thought my face was her handbag. Regardless, she took off before offering an explanation.

Today, Chris and I explored Catania a bit.

Youth structure

This is some sort of structure meant for kids to hang out at and do lord only knows what. Apparently it got either too popular for kids and/or the homeless as the main structure on the right, which had little nooks and catacombs built into it, had it’s hide-a-way bits locked off. Barely locked off, that is. I went into that thing and the, uh, smell immediately told me it was regularly inhabited.

catania coast

I walked along part of this coast. The waves, they come at a faster rate than I was expecting. Good thing I don’t mind wet feet with icky, damp socks and the feeling of impending athlete’s foot.

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