Tilly and the Wall: Tappin’ Dat Ass

We all expected shit to go down at Jedi Mind Tricks. That blog entry could have been written once I saw them on the schedule. But Tilly and the Wall? Why all the commotion at the Cradle? Why does Jesus want me to fear for my life? Longtime readers of my blog will recall the cracked-out hobo I saved from a beating by the Prince Paul gang. Since then I have come to know that guy, Herman, as a major thorn in my side. He loves causing trouble when he is drunk or high but morals keep people from killing him because he is essentially harmless — even if one of his swings did manage to connect with you, I doubt you’d care. He shows up and after a brief altercation with me decides to yell at us from vis art. Common sense must have miraculously overtaken him for a moment as he leaves right before the policia show. Minutes later the fire dept. shows. Someone had tossed a lit cigarette in the front trash can, it caught fire, and Kevin had extinguished it. No big deal, but the cop that showed up had lingered and felt that the Carrboro FD needed some action on this rainy Thursday. Three fully suited (masks and everything) firemen get out of the truck. The wizened old timer pulls a sheet of paper out of the garbage can (a metal garbage can. on cement. ten feet from the building. not the largest of threats) and examines it. Another guy walks up with his own fire extinguisher and half-assedly ads his own token squirts to the already quelled problem.

Watching Tilly and the Wall on David Letterman was neat – they were so excited to see themselves on TV; the OMG’s abounded. By odd coencidence the next day Alejandro Escavedo was on TV after his set as well.

My phone is working again, for those who are keeping track of such things.

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