Typing using ShapeWriter

Typing using ShapeWriter is a breeze. (but still kind of slow.) The quick fox jumped over the lazy dogs. It is a novel approach but a big drawback is that you cannot use two fingers. Im still new top this system so it us taking me a bit longer than if I were more experienced. Still, I don’t think this will save that much time in the long run.

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  1. That anything like writing pad? I found it interesting and reasonably accurate – but I definitely just prefer thumbs and autocorrect (though autocorrect often screws me when abbreviating a quick note).

    Am I even on-topic? 🙂

  2. the first rule of journalism is, always provide background info for the unitiated. (actually, might be like seventh.)

    the first rule of blogs is, screw journalism.

    i enjoyed this entry because the only real purpose of it for the reader is to introduce the idea of shapewriter. but nowhere does the entry actually explain what shapewriter is, so i had to google it. for those who couldn’t figure out how easy and enjoyable “shapewriter” makes it to weave in and out of endless paragraphs of flowing prose, this is the google description:

    “ShapeWriter makes using touch-screen devices easier, faster and more enjoyable than ever before.”

    obviously the fact that i’m using a keyboard allowed me to go into some extra detail that would have been a bit of a burden for the original blog entry author. you’re welcome.

    what’s that?

    it’s a keyboard.

    “Computer input/output device that resembles a typewriter and is used for key entry of data into a computer.”


    say the word keyboard over and over… weird… keeeyboward keeeyybowaarrdd keeybooordd



    what the hell is that sequence of seemingly unrelated sounds? trippy


    “A writing machine that produces characters similar to typeset print by means of a manually operated keyboard that actuates a set of raised types, which strike the paper through an inked ribbon.”

    ahh crap. what is typeset print? raised types??? inked ribbon?! and it refers back to “keyboard”! so a keyboard is something on a typewriter and a typewriter is something with a keyboard. got it. glad i’m not just landing here from outer space. (“actuates?” is that an -actual- word? ha ha)

    i’m so opaque and confounding i should be a blog author. cause what we need is more opaqueness and confusion and less eluci-mi-datiionne…

    back to my concerto composed on my keyboard. my favorite part of my concerto is the part with the raised type.

    aaaaah! my keyboard is out of ink. no, wait. it’s fine.

    “A board upon which room keys may hang.”

    “Please hang the key to room 212 on the keyboard until I return.”

    “A largely unknown early comic book hero from the early 20th century with the power to draw perfect polygons. the character never developed the following of better known contemporaries like superman and batman.”

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